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Don’t Get Stranded
You never know what’s going to happen when it’s you vs. nature out on the trail. And the race isn’t gonna stop just because you blew an axle. You need a SuperATV Spare Axle Cage Mount on your side-by-side, so you can make a quick change and keep going. These mounts are designed for Rhino Axles but work with many OEM and aftermarket axles thanks to their simple design. Keep a spare axle on board and never get left behind.

Secure Mount
Each precision made mount is built with 3/16” steel plating and clamps securely to your cage. It won’t slide or twist no matter how rough things get, so you can count on your spare being ready when you need it. Whatever you do to break your axle won’t break this mount. It comes apart with just a few bolts so you can get your axle replaced and save valuable time when you’re chasing the podium. It’s a high-quality spare axle cage mount that’s built for action.

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