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  • PRP’s Belt Changing Tool makes it quick and easy to change the belt on your Polaris RZR
  • Allows you to use both hands, rather than hold onto a wrench the entire time
  • Tool inserts into the XP900 & XP 1000 secondary clutch
  • Tighten down the bolt to open up the clutch.
  • The Tool ‘holds’ the clutch open while you change the belt

PRP’s Belt Changing Tool for Polaris RZR 570, 800, XP900 & XP1000’s makes it quick and easy to change the belt on your Polaris RZR. Rather than use a wrench to hold open the secondary clutch, our simple tool ‘locks’ the clutch open the entire time. Just insert the tool, tighten down the bolt, and leave it in place while you change the belt.


Insert either the wide or skinny side of the belt changing tool into the secondary clutch release assembly, according to your vehicle year – (2011+ XP 900, 2014-15 XP 1000) use Skinny Side / (2016+ XP 1000) use Wide Side. Insert the bolt into the tool, insert the tool into the clutch, and use a 1/2″ socket or impact gun to tighten down the bolt. This will compress the clutch lever and allow you to change the belt. The tool stays locked in place the entire time, so you can use both hands to change the belt. When finished, loosen the bolt, and remove the Belt Changing Tool.



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